I’m not sure if you can see it in this photo but check out my hair! Lol.
I had an amazing time but I’m glad to be home.
This is one of the few places I have to go to every time in Florida and one of the few places you should go if you’re an avid music fan.It’s called the disc exchange and it has the greatest collection of music I have ever seen.I can literally find anything in there, well mostly rock/jazz/reggae/indie music but everything I want anyway. So I bought The Replacements, a Morrissey album I don’t have and a Fishbone album.Sweet.
So I’m at the airport with my parentals having breakfast. I’m going to miss my dad heaps, time sure does fly…
I’m going to miss this.
Okay, too many photos of me, last one I promise!I’m actually really tired, ugh.I need sleeeeeeeeep!But I’m a little bored, I would love some ask questions, click-through for the link :)
Lionel gave me this necklace today, its a little harmonica that actually works!He brought it back from the big apple, he’s a sweet heart <3
Outfit for the evening, fun fun :3 I’m loving my knit wear cape/poncho/thing.
Ria and I are chilling and I bought a knitted cape, huzzah!